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What is your return policy?

Learnhindi.info will refund if our Teaching Staff fail to determine the essential issue in your Problems inside 15 days of the membership start. On the off chance that you wish for refund, you are asked for to compose an email to us at learnhindi.info stating your name, details of the plan purchased, and the reason for seeking the refund. We will reply back to you within 3 to 5 business days on details of the refund. Before proceeding to refund we will forward your request to our senior Experts. On the off chance that you are still not fulfilled by our assurance and commitment and need to prompt return, in that case it is determined that your product or service offered is defective, we would be accepting the request and refund customer money to customer bank account or credit card or pay pal account whichever is applicable at the time of purchase. Under special conditions only the refunds would be processed by other instruments. The percentage of refundable amount will be decided after deduction of service fees and other calculations according to purchased products. All refunds would be credited in customer account within 7-10 working days after acceptance of Refund request.